The Little Things

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Well, I went out to dinner with one of my classmates (Tyler.)  It was pretty fun!  I met him at the place because it would be a complete waste of gas to come pick me up seeing as the restaurant was in his town.  Anyway, so I drove out to Wauwatosa and I find the place but there is this crazy fucking parking so I end up driving around in circles twice and I find a spot, I put on my awesome shoes and walk over to the restaurant which ended up being a farther walk than planned. Anywho, I was walking toward the door and he’s standing outside and turns around and I kind of giggled to myself because I’m so used to seeing everyone in their uniform and he’s totally standing there in nice pants and a leather jacket.  But we go in, and it’s all dimly lit and cute and we climb some stairs and go to our table and she asks if we’d like any bread blah blah they’re out of duck and their special for the night.  I didn’t care.  We said sure for the bread, of course.  So she comes back with this plate of something we did NOT order and she goes “complements of the owner,” which threw me off.  The owner?  He’s our teacher.  I didn’t know he knew we were coming though, and I didn’t know how they knew it was us.  We didn’t make a reservation or anything, but they apparently just guessed off of a vague physical description of Tyler (short dark brown hair and glasses.)  So that was pretty cool, I guess, and whatever it was was delicious.  I had some garlic braised chicken which was also amazing and Tyler had something else, I forgot.  But it was a lot of fun.  He’s really funny and nice and he walked me to my car even though his truck was so much closer.  But now he’s going home and I won’t see him till school starts back up… I’m actually kind of upset by this?