The Little Things

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So there is this really adorable German guy that goes to MATC.  I was working in the bakery ages ago and he came up and ordered something or another from me, and I noticed his accent and we got in a conversation about German and he asked me my name and such.  Every time I see him he waves or says hi, and then today, I was sitting in the hallway between my classes and he comes over and starts talking to me and oh gosh.  He remembered my name and yeah.  He wandered away and that kind of sucked.  So I went to the hallway with a bunch of my classmates in it and I saw Brandon putting his uniform on and he said that if we go to class early, we’d get out early today.  So I went and put my uniform jacket on since I was already wearing my uniform pants.  It was left unbuttoned and I was walking to my classroom, and here comes my German guy (his name is Anton) and says, “Well there you are!” and then hands me a paper which has his number on it, telling me to call him if I ever want to do something together.  After he walked away, one of my classmates asked what he gave me and I was just dying.  DYING.  I did a funny little jig as I walked into the classroom and apparently I just had this huge ass grin on my face.  Oh goodness.